Elfis the Octopus starts school


Puppets and learning

Puppets are helpful as a learning resource as many children who are often shy when talking in front of adults and other children are more willing to talk animatedly to a puppet. Children tend to feel unintimidated talking in front of a puppet even if an adult is behind the puppet, and the puppet’s animation make s them natural to talk to.

Elfis Yr Octopws

Elfis Yr Octopws is a character from a popular Welsh learning scheme for 3 – 7 year olds. He has eight coloured legs to help the children to learn the colours and the numbers one to eight in welsh.

I had a commission to make a puppet of Elfis for Mount St Nursery and Infant School in Mid Wales. The legs can be moved by pulling strings and the mouth can talk via a glove puppet.

Below are some pictures of Elfis being used to teach a class Welsh.

Elfis in school 2 Elfis in school1

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