Puppets of Edinburgh: Mr. Mushroom

“What can I say about myself? Well, I like to think I’m a pretty fun guy…. get it? Fungi? Sorry, that one gets me every time.

Mr mushroom 2

At the moment I’m enjoying growing in Leith community garden. I sprouted here about a month ago, in this nice sunny spot, and I really like it. The sunflowers are friendly, although these poppies here are a bit stuck up- don’t tell them I said that. Some cute flax flowers came through recently, and we had a nice chat, but they were off to Northern Ireland and couldn’t stay! I’m not quite that adventurous, but I’d like to see a bit more of the world.

In fact, I’d just put my hat on with the intention of taking a stroll around town, when you asked to take a picture. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but it’s a pretty small hat… you could say there’s not ‘mush-room’ in it! Except that I’m wearing it. Never mind, that joke worked better in my head. As I was saying, I was just going for a walk. I’ve heard the local market might be a good place to meet some other vegetables. Maybe even a fruit, who knows?!

…Sorry, what was that? Try not to get eaten? Hahahaha, you’re a funny one. ‘Don’t get eaten,’ what a laugh. Anyway, I’ll be off. Catch you later!”


[Note: Puppets of Edinburgh returned to the garden the next day, and Mr. Mushroom had not been heard from since his departure. We fear the worst.]



Dress up your mini me for Halloween!

Happy Halloween! Many people will have big plans for dressing up tonight, but have you ever considered getting a custom made puppet or soft toy that can be dressed up however you want? We make personalized puppets and cuddly toys based on a photograph of you or someone else, and you can request whatever fantasy version of yourself you can imagine!

Paul and his girlfriend recently ordered custom ‘mini me’ soft toys, and it was a fun challenge to make their tiny selves look exactly how they wanted. He wanted to be wearing a Lotus shirt from Formula 1 Racing and she wanted to be dressed in Hogwarts robes, from Harry Potter. This is the set of inspiration pictures he provided to base the dolls on.reference pics

I made the bodies and faces using my usual technique. It always takes a bit of experimenting with the size and placement of facial features to get the puppet or toy to resemble the person as much as possible. These are soft toys, so they’re fully stuffed with no puppet mechanism. They don’t move, but this style allows for a lot of creativity in dressing and decorating. It’s also possible to make ‘mini me’ hand puppets, with movable arms and heads.

I always try to find clothing to match the image that a client sends. In this case, I had to get child-sized branded garments, and cut them down to puppet size. It’s also possible to get fabric digitally printed with a custom image, so depending on whether you want an existing design or something from your imagination, the sky’s the limit!

Here are the finished mini mes! I had a lot of fun taking pictures of them in appropriate settings- did you know Leith has its very own castle?

Finally, here are Paul and his girlfriend with their custom likeness soft toys. Don’t they look adorable?

mini mes 8

If you could have a puppet or stuffed toy version of yourself, would you want to look like a character from a book or movie? Show off your favourite band or sport? Or would you invent a completely unique persona? I’d love to hear you ideas and make them reality!

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Safer Internet Day Toy

I was commissioned to make this toy based on Safer Internet Day’s logo. At Picture to Puppet I make custom soft toys based on clients’ own designs. This made from a big block of foam which I covered with fabric, and the wee globe I had digitally printed.

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safer internet 2safer internet 1

For more about Safer Internet Day visit https://www.saferinternet.org.uk/safer-internet-day/2017/about-safer-internet-day

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Likeness Glove Puppets

I was commissioned to make these three likeness glove puppets based on three bridesmaids for a wedding. Caricature puppets are always fun to make because they’re always different, and I like making or customising tiny clothes to fit them! Sometimes people ask for tiny mini me puppets of themselves or sometimes it’s a loved one.

Bridesmaid 3Bridesmaid 2Bridesmaid 1

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Custom puppets video

If you’re looking for custom puppets or custom soft toys based on your own characters, Picture to Puppet can help! I often make puppets for educational or advertising purposes.  They could be your logo or mascot, or a character from your book, a franchise character or your child’s drawing. I also make likeness or mini me puppets based on photos.

I made this 40 second video to show a few examples of characters I’ve made up.


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Puppet Welfare Policy

At Picture to Puppet we’re very conscious of the welfare of our puppets. All of our puppets are completely free range and have 24 hour access to outdoor space. We they receive a local organic diet and no unnecessary antibiotics. Watch our short video to find out more!

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Happy Flax Flowers

At Picture to Puppet we manufacture puppets to clients’ own designs.

We made these flax flower puppets for Carrickfergus museum in Northern Ireland, where they will be used to teach children about linen production. We made 60 in total, which kept us busy for much of the summer!

Had great fun photographing them in Leith Community Croft. Flaxie in a circleFlaxies 4Flaxies 2Flaxies 1

Twinkly Toes goes to work

I’m a small scale puppet manufacturer in the UK, and I make puppets based on your own designs.

Dragon in a circle 2

I made ten of these happy dragons for Happy Hands Club, which teaches babies to dance! They’re based on Happy Hands’ logo:

Happy hands dragon

As you can see Twinkly has settled happily into his new job at Happy Hands, he loves playing with the children and is the most popular dragon in the class!

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Twinkly at happy hands

Dragons on the steps

Here they all are lined up outside the Puppet empire and ready to head off on their new adventure!

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